Spiral Wrapped Aluminum Laminate Rigidization Technology

On Orbit Shape Correction of Inflatable Structures

A Single-Channel Magnetometer for Exoatmospheric Targets

Estimation of Vehicle Dynamic and Static Parameters from Magnetometer Data

Inflatable Space Structures Redefining aerospace design concepts keeps costs from ballooning

Inflatable Deployable Space Structures Technology Summary

Case Studies in Inflatable Rigidizable Structural Concepts

Geometry Attained by Pressurized Membranes

Design Tool for Inflatable Space Structures

Scaling Characteristics of Inflatable Paraboloid Concentrators

Heat Pump Systems for Enhancement of Heat Rejection from Spacecraft

A Comparison of the Performance of Seamed and Unseamed Inflatable Concentrators

Pressurized Antennas for Space Radars

Analysis of Rim Supports for Off-Axis Inflatable Reflectors Tension Element to Reduce Loads in Rim Support of Inflatable Reflector

Solar Sails

Bringing an Effective Solar Sail Design Toward TRL 6

Development and Ground Testing of a Compactly Stowed Scalable Inflatably Deployed Solar Sail

Sailcraft Coordinate Systems and Format for Reporting Propulsive Performance

Team Encounter Solar Sail

Inflatable Antenna Experiment

IN-STEP Inflatable Antenna Experiment

Validation of a Unique Concept for a Low-Cost, Lightweight Space-Deployable Antenna Structure

Inflatable Antenna Technology with Preliminary Shuttle Experiment Results and Potential Applications

Development of Flight Hardware for a Large, Inflatable-Deployable Antenna Experiment

Preliminary Mission Report Spartan 207/Inflatable Antenna Experiment Flown on STS-77

Large Inflatable Deployable Antenna Flight Experiment Results

Significance of the Inflatable Antenna Experiment Technology

Space Power

Power-Scalable Inflation-Deployed Solar Arrays

Inflatable-Rigidizable Solar Concentrators for Space Power Applications

Inflatable Rigidizable Solar Array For Small Satellites

Inflatable Power Antenna Technology

A Novel, Lightweight Solar Array: Comparison with Conventional Systems

Power Antenna for Deep Space Missions

Developing an Inflatable Solar Array

Lightweight Inflatable Solar Array

Inflatable Concentrators for Solar Propulsion and Dynamic Space Power

High Power Inflatable Radiator for Thermal Rejection from Space Power Systems

Other Space Structures

Testing of an Inflation-Deployed Sub-Tg Rigidized Support Structure for a Planar Membrane Waveguide Antenna

Comparison of Measured and Modeled Performance of a Tensioned Membrane Waveguide Array Antenna

Deployment and Structural Support of Space Membrane Optics System Using Rigidizable Conical Booms

Performance Evaluation of a Membrane Waveguide Array Antenna

Inflatably Deployed Membrane Waveguide Array Antenna for Space

An Inflatable Rigidizable Truss Structure Based on New Sub-Tg Polyurethane Composites

An Inflatable Rigidizable Truss Structure with Complex Joints

Inflatable Structures Technology Development Overview

Advanced Radio Interferometry between Space and Earth (Arise)