Simulation and Modeling

L.Garde has a long heritage of analytical capabilities especially in the area of light-weight structures that include large, deployable, and ultra-thin membrane structures. L.Garde uses a range of computational tools to complement our highly talented human capital with years of accumulated specialized knowledge and skills.


L.Garde has developed specialized analytical tools for ultra-thin membrane structures over the many years. Finite element Analyzer for Inflatable Membranes (FAIM) and FLATE are complementary computational codes for calculating the inverse transformation from a final loaded structural shape of a parabolic or spherical reflector to the initial, two-dimensional flat gore pattern. The codes are based on exact analytical solutions to the inverse problem. Using the flat gore pattern calculated from FAIM and FLATE, material is cut and used to fabricate hardware. FAIM and FLATE have been used for fabricating a large majority of L.Garde's flight hardware.  The resulting shapes are then verified through analysis and prototype fabrication.


AWSOME (Advanced Weather Simulation and Operational Modeling Effort) is a computer program developed by L.Garde that can predict the effects of space weather on electronics within a ballistic missile on a specified trajectory. This program utilizes accurate space weather models and interface with the powerful and popular Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) System Tool Kit (STK) software suite to accurately characterize operational missile trajectory scenarios through the radiation environments.