Space Structures


L.Garde has developed and tested several deployable space structures that enable advanced observation capabilities.  L.Garde designed and prototyped the structure of the DARPA ISAT space based radar platform.  The ISAT is a 300m long electronically steered array that packs into Delta IV rocket fairing.

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The ISAT program was closely followed by the Integrated Sensor IS Structure program.  L.Garde supported the this program by providing design and conceptualization for the internal radar structure.  This enormous structure was designed to have a high degree of positional accuracy to enable radar operations.

L.Garde has developed and tested an innovative deployable truss that relies on concentrated strain hinges for stowage and deployment.  This lightweight truss has an incredibly high compaction ratio and can enable a very wide range of missions.  L.Garde is interested in using this technology to deploy large arrays from an ESPA class satellite.

Space Structures