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L.Garde draws on nearly 50 years of successful research and development, including more than 150 objects flown in space, to develop:

  • Lightweight deployable structures for use in terrestrial and space applications.
  • Effective and efficient analytical methods for modeling large displacement structures.
  • Sophisticated test and integration tools to provide the highest quality product possible.

To achieve this mission:

  • L.Garde tirelessly pursues new applications and new innovations for its unique technologies.
  • L.Garde remains dedicated to serving every single client and their objectives.
  • L.Garde treats each customer as a team member.
  • L.Garde nurtures a culture of innovation and development that challenges and empowers each employee.
  • Above all, L.Garde is dedicated to the continued superiority and defense of the United States of America, its values, and its positive influence in an ever-changing world.
Terrestrial Structures


  • L.Garde is a world leader in designing and delivering targets and calibration objects.

Space Propulsion

  • Solar sails developed by L.Garde are among the world’s lightest and largest.

Deployable Structures

  • Deployable space structures using L.Garde technologies are capable of deploying aperture area on demand.