• Spiral Wrapped Aluminum Laminate Rigidization Technology
  • On Orbit Shape Correction of Inflatable Structures
  • Single-Channel Magnetometer for Exoatmospheric Targets
  • Estimation of Vehicle Dynamic and Static Parameters from Magnetometer Data
  • Inflatable Space Structures: Redefining aerospace design concepts keeps costs from ballooning
  • Inflatable Deployable Space Structures Technology Summary
  • Inflatable Rigidizable Structural Case Studies
  • Geometry Attained by Pressurized Membranes
  • Design Tool for Inflatable Space Structures
  • Scaling Characteristics of Inflatable Paraboloid Concentrators
  • Heat Pump Systems for Enhancement of Heat Rejection from Spacecraft
  • A Comparison of the Performance of Seamed and Unseamed Inflatable Concentrators
  • Pressurized Antennas for Space Radars
  • Analysis of Rim Supports for Off-Axis Inflatable Reflectors Tension Element to Reduce Loads in Rim Support of Inflatable Reflector

Solar Sails
  • Bringing an Effective Solar Sail Design Toward TRL 6
  • Development and Ground Testing of a Compactly Stowed Scalable Inflatably Deployed Solar Sail
  • A Yank and Yaw Control System for Solar Sails
  • Sailcraft Coordinate Systems and Format for Reporting Propulsive Performance

Team Encounter Solar Sail

  • Inflatable Antenna Experiment
  • IN-STEP Inflatable Antenna Experiment
  • Validation of a Unique Concept for a Low-Cost, Lightweight Space-Deployable Antenna Structure
  • Inflatable Antenna Technology with Preliminary Shuttle Experiment Results and Potential Applications
  • Development of Flight Hardware for a Large, Inflatable-Deployable Antenna Experiment
  • Preliminary Mission Report Spartan 207/Inflatable Antenna Experiment Flown on STS-77
  • Large Inflatable Deployable Antenna Flight Experiment Results
  • Significance of the Inflatable Antenna Experiment Technology

Space Power

  • Power-Scalable Inflation-Deployed Solar Arrays
  • Inflatable-Rigidizable Solar Concentrators for Space Power Applications
  • Inflatable Rigidizable Solar Array For Small Satellites
  • Inflatable Power Antenna Technology
  • A Novel, Lightweight Solar Array: Comparison with Conventional Systems
  • Power Antenna for Deep Space Missions
  • Developing an Inflatable Solar Array
  • Lightweight Inflatable Solar Array
  • Inflatable Concentrators for Solar Propulsion and Dynamic Space Power
  • High Power Inflatable Radiator for Thermal Rejection from Space Power Systems

Other Space Structures

  • Testing of an Inflation-Deployed Sub-Tg Rigidized Support Structure for a Planar Membrane Waveguide Antenna
  • Comparison of Measured and Modeled Performance of a Tensioned Membrane Waveguide Array Antenna
  • Deployment and Structural Support of Space Membrane Optics System Using Rigidizable Conical Booms
  • Performance Evaluation of a Membrane Waveguide Array Antenna
  • Inflatably Deployed Membrane Waveguide Array Antenna for Space
  • An Inflatable Rigidizable Truss Structure Based on New Sub-Tg Polyurethane Composites
  • An Inflatable Rigidizable Truss Structure with Complex Joints
  • Inflatable Structures Technology Development Overview
  • Advanced Radio Interferometry between Space and Earth (Arise)

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