Deployable Targets

Targets 3

L.Garde’s first project was the Inflatable Exoatmospheric Object (IEO) in 1971. Other early targets and countermeasures objects include the (a) multi-balloon canister, (b) sounding rocket measurements program (SRMP) objects, (c) light replica decoy (LREP), (d) dual-decoy technology (DDT), and the (e) thrusted replica decoy (TREP).

The COOP was an MDA (Missile Defense Agency) supported project through AFRL.  The first COOP was designed to simulate reentry vehicle motion and dynamics using the spacecraft attitude control system.

L.Garde continues to provide targets calibration objects to a wide variety of customers.  Whatever the need L.Garde has a deployable solution to provide an appropriate signature in space....all from a small stowed package

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