L.Garde is an AS9100 NSF-ISR-registered company focused on cutting edge research and development of deployable structures for space and terrestrial applications.


From concept to final integration L.Garde has tools and expertise  to complete all phases of a customer’s program.


Testing of lightweight space structures is always a difficult challenge.  L.Garde has significant expertise in this area that allows it to identify and test the important characteristics of the system while hampered by gravity.

L.Garde conducts vacuum deployment tests on inflatables to verify deployment performance, signature tests on envelopes to demonstrate compliance to requirements, photogrammetry tests to assess the accuracy of surfaces and structures under various conditions, and other sophisticated unique and one-off testing as required.

Additionally, L.Garde has the capability to test all other relevant environments for qualification and acceptance testing of final products.  All testing and qualification is subject to L.Garde’s AS9100 NSF-ISR approved quality management system.

Vac Chamber

L.Garde assists its customers in developing conceptual level designs from the barest of requirements and program goals.  L.Garde is uniquely positioned to assist in the development of the concept, build prototype hardware, test important aspects, build and qualify flight hardware, and deliver and integrate the final products.

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